benefits of drumming

‘No matter what you are feeling, the act of hand drumming can change your general state almost instantaneously. It can energise us when we are low or relax us if we are anxious. Hand drumming realigns us and brings us into balance and is a magnificent grounding tool. It is one of the most ancient and effective methods for getting us into our bodies and into the present moment, it brings us back to our sense of who we are.

Drumming has immense potential for personal transformation and is a highly effective tool for improving group dynamics. Most of all, it brings us to joy – a place we all want to be!’

Simone Lang, drummergirl Director & Founder.

Hand drumming is an active mediation and much research in support of the positive effects has surfaced in recent years. Similar to meditation studies it has been demonstrated that drumming participants experience reduced stress, anxiety levels and depression; and increased confidence, coordination and overall wellbeing.

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