Class Support Material

November/December 2018


Dalah is from North East Guinea, and was created by Malinke people in this region. The word Dalah means ‘sacred pond’ and the pond is only allowed to be fished once a year. The rhythm is played during this time.

NB: S = ‘slap’ with fingers relaxed or apart, T = ‘tone’ with fingers together, B = ‘bass’ player in the middle of the drum.

Dalah djembe part #4

This is not traditionally played as part of Dalah, however it is a gentle rhythm that works well with the piece.

  • B - - - B - - - T - T - T T

  • R handed: R - - - L - - - R - L - R L

Dalah djembe part #3

  • B - T T - - S S

  • R handed = R - R L - - R L

  • L handed = L - L R - - L R

Dalah djembe part #2 (4/4 ‘passport’ rhythm)

This is a ubiquitous djembe accompaniment. Make sure you get your hands moving in the correct order first, then concentrate on the rhythm, and then focus on tone and slap sounds.

  • S - - S S - T T

  • Right-handed: R - - L R - R L

  • Left-handed: L R L L R


Dalah djembe part #1

(will post a details & video at a later stage)


End Break (and used in the intro break)

  • All slaps

  • R Handed: R LL R LL R LL RRR RL

  • L Handed: L RR L RR L RR LLL LR