For over a decade Drummergirl facilitators have been providing exceptional African drumming programs across Victoria’s Primary and Secondary schools. Through our work each week, we witness the many benefits that African drumming offers school students.

We specialise in:

  • Weekly classes for small groups/classes of students

  • Interactive one-off workshops for small groups or whole schools

  • School Holiday and OSHC programs

  • Specialised 5-8 week ensemble courses with a performance outcome for a concert or event

  • Artist in residence (long or short term)

  • In-service staff workshops.


We also offer African Drum & Dance programs where students experience both activities, culminating in short performances of what we have learnt. This is a perfect program for school camps and incursions.


‘Simone is fantastic! She gets on really well with the children and they all enjoy drumming. Children are disappointed if they miss a session for any reason. Some children tell their parents they must come to school even when they are unwell so that they don't miss their session.’ (Albion North PS)

‘…an amazing asset to the music program at Sunshine College! Simone has remarkable skill and knowledge of West African drumming and is appreciated and embraced by all within the college.’

(Laura Gissara, Sunshine College)

‘Simone was absolutely fantastic! I was told by several staff members that the kids were hanging on everything she had to say, and that the way she interacted with the groups was fantastic!’

(Kyle Morris, YMCA - OSHC)